Augmented Reality Portals

Transport your audience into another dimension through a mesmerizing custom AR portal experience right from their mobile browser.

Custom Augmented Reality Portal Experiences

AR Portals transform the way your audience interacts with your brand, offering immersive journeys through virtual portals that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds.

Custom branded AR Portal experience running inside Instagram all accessible via QR code.

Our team of expert developers and designers craft personalized AR experiences that align with your brand guidelines to allow for fully immersive storytelling experiences.

We create Custom AR Portals for a variety of use cases including:

  • Experiential Marketing, Events, & Entertainment: Elevate your events with AR portals that offer attendees an unforgettable journey into themed environments and interactive experiences.
  • Retail & E-commerce: Transform the shopping experience with AR portals that allow customers to explore products in a virtual space, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Real Estate: Transport audiences to your property from the comfort of their own home enabling them to visualize exlusive or hard to reach spaces
  • Education & Training: Create interactive learning environments and training programs that enhance comprehension and retention through immersive AR experiences.
WebAR Portal Experiences can be utilized anywhere right from the user's mobile browser

Custom AR Portal experiences can include:

  • AR gaming & scavenger hunt games
  • Online shopping & virtual retail stores
  • Holograms, interactions, animations, & audio recordings
  • Spatially aware content integrations based on the location of activation

We prioritize user experience and carry out user testing + QA in every project, ensuring our AR portals are intuitive, engaging, and easy to navigate. This ensures our AR solutions are not only visually stunning but also highly intuitive, preserving the magic of the experience.

Augmented Reality Portal Experiences can be deployed to custom apps as well as:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What locations are you able to provide Augmented Reality services in?

Post Pop Studios provides Augmented Reality services to events and experiential activations worldwide. While AR content can be produced and deployed via the web anywhere, we are optionally able to provide onsite technologist support to many markets including but not limited to: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, San Francisco, Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Boston, Washington D.C., Columbus, Charlotte, Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas, Louisville, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Houston, San Diego, Seattle, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Barcelona, London, Berlin, Toronto, Vancouver, Cleveland, Phoenix, San Jose, Milwaukee, Irvine, Scottsdale, Kansas City, Jacksonville, Boise, Reno, Green Bay, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Portland, Hawaii.

How much do custom Augmented Reality experiences cost to produce?

Each creative project is unique and the production costs will invariably reflect that. Please give us a call or email us and we'll get back to you with a general estimate on costs straight away.

How are custom 3D assets for AR content produced?

We can advise your creative team on assets formats we need, or we can take your 2D brand toolkit and extrude 3D assets & UI needs from there. Additionally we can create custom 3D assets and visual effects according to your vision or specifications.

What 3D software ecosystems does your team use?

Our team of designers, compositors, animators, & technologists utilize 3D & animation tools including Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender, ZBrush, Houdini, After Effects and many more.

How do you ensure our Custom AR Experience will run smoothly?

With our years of experience delivering the industry's most complex AR experiences we always ensure a trusted member of our technical team is onsite for your activation.  Additionally, they can help manage your assigned brand ambassador staff to help run the photo  experience.

How can we encourage our audience to post User Generated Content (UGC) from our AR campaign to social media?

Our AR experiences have experience photo & video capture built in, allowing users to capture and share their digital experience to social seamlessly.

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