Experiential Video Booth

Design a custom video experience template complete with stunning cinematic effects. Your guests then star in their own video which is processed and delivered to them instantly for sharing on social!

Custom Branded Video Booth Experiences

Immerse your audience into the brand campaign by making them the star of personalized premium user generated content videos they'll be eager to share!

Branded Experiential Marketing Video Booth Experience Rental Los Angeles

While technically almost anything is possible, some of the features and effects utilized in our video booths include:

  • Digital VFX including glitch, animated overlays, layered blend modes
  • Custom Music Tracks & sound effects
  • Green screen or blue screen chroma key replacement
  • Alpha layered transitions and pre roll footage inclusions
  • Slow motion video & digital camera pan + zoom effects
  • Scene key framing to produce the perfect effect every time
  • HD cameras free floating with a gimbal operator for scenes that require camera motion

Interactive Guest Video Experience

The best experiential campaigns are often those that tell a story. With our interactive videos booths we'll bring that story to life with your audience staring as the main characters.  They'll step right up to the touch screen, and then either be guided be on screen prompts or art directed by a trained brand ambassador to make sure their video experience comes out perfect every time.

Country WesternSet Design for Interactive Video Booth Experience at Super Bowl in Miami
While some video booth content experiences work best on a clean white, green, or blue screen backdrop, we can also integrate them into a full on set design for an aesthetically impressive look onsite.
Video Booth Experience Rental with Green Screen

With a wide array of experience and photo technology in our toolkit, we'll work with your creatives or handle creative direction on your behalf to make sure the photo experience comes to life on brand both physically and digitally.

Green Screen Video Booth

Chroma keying, typically done on "green screens" or "blue screens" are a fast way to inject your digital creative assets into a video booth experience. All your need is even lighting and our speedy software and we'll be creating cinematic content for your guests in no time.

Branded Video Booth Rental Experience at Music Festival New York City

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What locations are you able to provide Video Booth rental services in?

Post Pop Studios provides Video Booth services to events and experiential activations worldwide. We are based around the US and often travel to many markets including but not limited to: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, San Fransisco, Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Boston, Washington D.C., Columbus, Charlotte, Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas, Louisville, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Houston, San Diego, Seattle, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Barcelona, London, Berlin, Toronto, Vancouver, Cleveland, Phoenix, San Jose, Milwaukee, Irvine, Scottsdale, Kansas City, Jacksonville, Boise, Reno, Green Bay, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Portland, Hawaii.

What are your prices for Video Booth services?

Each creative project is unique and the production costs will invariably reflect that. Please give us a call or email us and we'll get back to you with a general estimate on costs straight away.

Does our graphic designer create the motion graphics and UI artwork?

We're happy to work either way.  Send us your creative assets and our Art Directors will handle graphics end to end, or we can provide your creative team with specifications for them to produce if easier for your team's workflow.

Do you provide set fabrication services?

We are a team of technologists and as such do not handle set fabrication in house. We're happy to collaborate with your fab team or can refer you to one of our trusted fabrication partners for a turnkey experience. For a custom backdrop, we can handle the print production and sourcing.

Do you provide printed backdrops or props?

For backdrops we can handle the print production and sourcing. For artwork simply provide us your creative assets and we'll deliver mock ups, or if you prefer we can provide dimensions for your creative team to produce the necessary Illustrator files. We're happy to source props or work with you to utilize ones you may already have in mind.

How do event attendees receive their content?

Our software can deliver photo booth content in real time via text message (SMS), email, social media plugins, or RFID systems integrations. Generally, the guest preferred method of content delivery is text message. For Video Booths guest send their content from iPad kiosks or brand ambassadors with handheld iPads nearby.

Have more questions? Get in touch get@postpopstudios.com

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