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June 16, 2022

June 16, 2022

Augmented Reality

Custom Tik Tok AR Effects for Brands

While you have likely seen custom branded augmented reality filters on Instagram & Snapchat for years, similar branded creative capabilities are relatively new to video sharing powerhouse, Tik Tok.

Amazon Prime Day Effect via Tik Tok

Custom AR Effects for Tik Tok have been available in parts of Europe & Asia since 2020, but as of April 2022 brands can now produce and publish their own custom AR Effects to Tik Tok in The US for their audience's to create with.

GIF of Different Branded Tik Tok AR Effects
Montage of Branded Tik Tok AR Effects

How are Custom Tik Tok Effects created?

AR developers like Post Pop Studios produce branded effects through Tik Tok's proprietary node based dev environment.

GIF of Development Environment for Branded Tik Tok Effects
AR dev environment via Tik Tok

Through this ecosystem a wide variety of creative effect styles can be produced to allow users to interact with your brand including:

  • 😎 Trying on cosmetics & accessories like hats or sunglasses
  • 🎤  Overlaying a branded imprint or prop
  • 🟢 Using custom green screen backgrounds
  • ⚽ Interacting with 3D objects like a soccer ball (or football!)
  • 🕺  Following along to demonstrated dances
  • 🚗  Using head motion to play mini games
  • 🤳  Placing 3D model holograms or characters into their space

Branded Tik Tok AR Filters on Phone
Variety of Tik Tok Effects via Bullfrag

How Do Users Find Custom Effects Within Tik Tok?

Once published to the app, users will be able to search for and utilize your branded Tik Tok effect just like they would any other. The effects can be accessed via the search bar, from other videos using the effect, or on your brand's Tik Tok profile.

Hosting an event or influencer activation? Your AR Effect can also be triggered for use via custom designed QR codes to be displayed on digital or physical signage.

Phone pointing at QR code for branded tik tok AR filter
Tik Tok QR code via QR Code Tiger

3 Tik Tok AR Effect Examples to Inspire Your Brand

Here are 3 custom effects used in real campaigns to help get your creative juices flowing for your next Tik Tok activation:

1. KFC - Make It Legendary

Tik Tok thrives on dance challenges, so this effect played into that by inspiring users and influencers alike to use their custom effect for the #KFCMakeItLegendary campaign. Participants were able to show off their moves using a split screen effect look that encouraged them to dance in "Old School", "Legendary", or both styles to create energetic video clips.

Make it Legendary Effect via Tik Tok

2. Netflix - Tribes of Europa

Netflix utilized a custom AR Effect in Germany to galvanize digital awareness for their Tribes of Europa series using the hashtag #TribesChallenge. The effect allowed fans to select from one of four tribes using gesture control which then triggered unique visual effects for that tribe. 3D objects and custom transitions effects provided creators and fans a template to produce exciting user generated content surrounding the show's release of its box set.

Tribes of Europa effect via Tik Tok.

3. Chio - Unleash The Beast

Chio wanted to strengthen its association with American football in Germany and so produced a custom effect enabling creators to celebrate both the snack and the sport simultaneously through the #UnleashTheBeast campaign. Effect attributes included a custom 3D model football helmet with facial recognition as well as an exciting "chip blast" effect utilizing depth segmentation capabilities. A small group of Influencers kicked off the launch and then content created using the effect went on to be viewed over 900+ million times on the platform!

Unleash The Beast Chio Effect via Tik Tok

Measure The Results of Your Custom Effect

The success of AR Effects on Tik Tok is all trackable in near real time via a dashboard so you have wholistic visibility on the number of posts, plays, likes, and shares the content using your effect is receiving. Tik Tok also allows branded effects to be promoted with ad spend so you can set your budget to ensure the effect content is seen by the targeted audience and ample volume for your campaign.

tok tok branded effect analytics dashboard
Effect analytics dashboard via Tik Tok

Getting Started with Tik Tok AR Effects

Brands like Chipotle, The NBA, & Red Bull are already killing it on Tik Tok and that's only to name a few. With the platform clocking over a billion users and continuing to grow, it's a medium worth innovating on. As you can see there's no shortage of inspiration to draw ideas from that will help your brand take center stage.

When producing creative within ever changing technology you will want to have experienced partners on your team. So wether you are at the mood board stage or in need of immediate development support for your Tik Tok Effect, our seasoned technologists are ready to dive in and match your pace. Feel free to get in touch about your project.

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