Booking a 360 Photo Booth Rental For Your Event

June 14, 2022

June 14, 2022

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What is a 360 Photo Booth?

You may have seen it at an event you've attended but may not have been sure what to call a 360 Photo Booth. So, what is it?

Common names for a 360 Photo Booth include:

  • 360 Photo Booth
  • 360 Slo Mo Glam Booth
  • 360 GIF Station

but they all referring to what is typically called a 360 Video Booth.

360 Photo Booth Camera Platform

So, how does a 360 Photo Booth work?

It's actually a video booth that captures high frame rate content (120 frame per second or higher) while a motorized revolving camera spins around the subjects who stand on a stationary platform in the middle. Digital effects like slo motion, green screen, and hype music are often applied as well as the use of timed special effects like confetti cannons or fog machines. These booths are one of the most exciting content capture moments for events and are perfect for brands looking to add an elevated photo experience to their event.

Typically 1-4 guests at a time create a video and once they are finished they can instantly send their stylized 360 video to themselves via text message, email, or Airdrop. From there they can download share their video on any social media platform they like.

360 Photo Booth Branded Enclosure

To make the experience unique to your brand you can customize aspects of the experience including:

  • Branded 360 backdrop enclosures with custom artwork (approximately 13ft wide x 9t high)
  • Custom graphic overlay, animation, and end card to the videos
  • Confetti cannons that shoot confetti with your brand colors
  • Branded text messages and emails that deliver guests their content
  • Unique premium props guests can use that speak to the theme of your event
Overhead View of Branded Enclosure With Confetti

We love creating epic 360 Photo Booth experiences right here at Post Pop Studios.  We have produced photo experiences for brands like Coca Cola, Google, & Chase at events including SXSW, Coachella, & Art Basel.

We frequent events in cities like NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, & Vegas but also travel all over the globe for projects. If you are interested in learning more or would like to book a 360 booth for your event please get in touch.  We'll understand your creative needs and build out a solution perfect for your brand activation.

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